The Smart Tip Calculator

Never worry about tipping again. No matter what country you're in, Gratzi has your back. Our research team has done the heavy lifting and pre programmed over 100 individual tipping trends. Since gratuity is based on how much people generally give, Gratzi can help pull these trends together to make knowing how much to tip so much easier.

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Machine Learning

Gratzi is always getting smarter.

More data means more accurate predictions. As you use Gratzi, we hope you will send your suggestions over to us so that we can learn from them. We make this super easy, just tap a button and your tip is on its way to improving Gratzi's algorithms. With more data we can implement advanced ML to give hyperlocal suggestions, and bring Gratzi to even more countries.


What makes Gratzi so special.





How it Works

Data is everything.

  • At Launch
  • Research normal tipping rates from accross the world
  • Tipping suggestion made based on research and user location
  • User tweaks/gives feedback on tip
  • Educated Tip Calculated

  • Over Time
  • Data collected based on user tips and feedback
  • ML Model trained previous tips
  • Tipping suggestion made based on ML prediction
  • Smart Tip Calculated